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Scholarship Recipient Helpsheet

Congratulations of your successful application!

Here are the next steps:

The NZFBI Secretary will confirm all details and provide the necessary support required for
the duration of your Scholarship.


It is highly recommended that you ensure your budget remains accurate, and your travel
and accommodation have all been confirmed.


Please ensure your proposed area of study and research is finalised and that you continue
to refine your purpose and objectives and are developing your research questions.

To help you with your research, it may be helpful for you to ensure you have an
understanding of:

  • Common research terms

  • How to conduct interviews

  • The ethics and standards that need to be considered when conducting research

  • How to conduct a survey and develop questions

  • How to evaluate information

All of this information will be able to be found via a search on the Internet.

Check your timelines, and itinerary
Check your timelines, itinerary and costs from your application to ensure they are still valid.

Let the secretary know if there are any significant changes as soon as possible. Email a
copy of your confirmed travel itinerary to the Secretary prior to leaving.

Your expenses while completing your scholarship should align with the estimated costs on
your application. Funding only accommodates what you spend. There is no daily or incidental allowance.

Funding covers:

  • Flights and accommodation

  • Land travel

  • Meals

  • Laundry

  • Gifts (where customary)

  • Communication costs (excluding global roaming charges)

Funding does not cover:

  • Alcohol

  • Passport and Visa costs

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal travel (including travel insurance) 

Claiming your fellowship funding
Before your trip, the Secretary will arrange:

  • Your financial delegations to be temporarily approved so you can claim expenditure directly to the scholarship budget

Accounting for expenditure
All expenditure must be:

  • Accounted for 

  • Close to your approved budget breakdown and Estimate of Associated Costs

  • Supported by receipts

Expenditure will not automatically be covered by the scholarship and you will need to
justify any expenditure outside the terms of your scholarship, including:

  • Unaccounted for or unspent cash

  • Expenditure significantly above your approved funding

  • Expenditure outside policies listed above

Reasonable variances, such as fluctuating exchange rates, will be covered.

We recommend that you keep a detailed record of your expenditure, including date,
amount and reason, as you go along, so that it can be easily accounted for at the end of
your scholarship. Please retain all relevant receipts.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance can be included in your international travel but only for the purpose of
your Scholarship. Travel insurance does not cover any private travel outside the purpose of
your scholarship. You must arrange and pay for insurance for any extra travel you want to

Where your scholarship may involve participation in operational activities you must make these details known to the Secretary and to ensure your travel insurance provides this

Report and presentation
Within eight weeks of your return from your scholarship you must:

  • Supply your report and research findings to the Council

  • This should describe the outcomes or findings of your research or study

    • provide a set of recommendations resulting from your research or study

    • list details of contacts and reference material

    • suggest potential areas for future research or study

  • Make a 20 minute presentation that summarises your report and its findings. You may be required to present your report on more than one occasion. The audience for your report may include the Council, the Annual Conference and sponsors of the Scholarship.

We recommend that you seek advice for preparing your presentation, ensuring you use an
approved NZFBI template.

If you have travelled overseas for the scholarship the Secretary will liaise with you to:

  • Confirm and advise the deadline and process for your final report

  • Confirm and advise the deadline and process for your presentations

Sharing your report
A copy of your report will be retained by the Institute and made available electronically for
those who wish to obtain a copy. When published a short synopsis will also be published.
This will be taken from the report summary you have provided.

In consultation with the Council, you should be prepared to make yourself reasonably
available to share the outcomes of your Scholarship beyond the actual prescribed

Further information
Please contact the Secretary -

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