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How to Host a Field Day


The Council of the New Zealand Fire Brigades’ Institute shall facilitate Field Days at various locations around the country each year.

The Aims of such Field Days are:


  • To promote and encourage the interest of firefighters in topics relevant to their duties and responsibilities.

  • To make available (if applicable), guest speakers and demonstrators of skills and where possible, to permit firefighters to practice those skills.

  • To introduce firefighters to new techniques, skills and technical knowledge. 

  • To generally promote fellowship and understanding amongst firefighters everywhere by providing a venue at which they can meet, converse and socialise.


The Council will endeavour to locate host brigades so as to enable as wide attendance as possible at each Field Day. Invitations from brigades to the Council to conduct a Field Day are always welcome.


The Council shall, where possible, hold their meeting to coincide with the Field Day.

The Council shall publicise the Field Day by various means, including the Fire Service Gazette, Fire Service Review, and poster distribution.

It is recommended that the Host Brigage liaise with and notify the local radio station and newspapers of the event.


Generally, fire station appliance rooms are large enough to hold all those attending, but if necessary a suitable hall nearby should be arranged for the Field Day programme and/or lunch.


A member of the Council shall be appointed to convene each Field Day and liaise with the Chief Fire Officer or Officer in charge of the Host Brigade(s) on:

  • The arrival and departure times of Councillors

  • A suitable venue for the Council meeting

  • Accommodation required for the Councillors

  • The Field Day programme

  • Provision of midday meals, morning tea and social hour, on a user pays basis

  • Registration

  • Transport

  • Audio visual equipment as may be required

  • Any other related matters



  • Field Days may or may not be conduced to a theme. Both types can be organised, whether a central theme is utilised or not.

  • Ideally, guest speakers should be sought locally if their topic is relevant.

  • The Council may arrange speakers from further afield.

  • Generally, the Field Day commences with morning tea/coffee and registration.

  • Registration will include a fee to cover any costs incurred by the Host Brigade including morning tea, lunch and associated costs with transportation.

  • The programme shall commence with a welcome from the Host Brigade Chief Fire Officer or Officer in Charge.

  • The President will then introduce the Institute Council, Secretary and other guests.

  • A lunch adjournment may be taken any time from 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs. It is best to keep the lunch break to about 45 minutes to encourage all present to remain at the venue.

  • Generally, the programme should conclude about 1600 hrs, when it is usual for the Host Brigade to conduce a social hour on a "user pays" basis.

  • The Council will arrange for participants to introduce and thank speakers.


When a Field Day is attended by firefighters from a distance, some may stay over in the Host Brigades' district. There is no requirement for the Host Brigade to organise any specific activity for such people, but their introduction into a suitable club is a thoughtful gesture.


The Council recommends that all Brigades host Field Days at no cost to themselves. It is also recommended that individual members of the Brigade get together and assist in the organisation. More than one Brigade or other organisation may decide to form a group to jointly host such a day.

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