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Scholarship Guidelines


The New Zealand Fire Brigades' Institute scholarship was established to further the development
of members by providing the opportunity to undertake research or study in a field of interest
that will have benefits not only to the recipient, but to those who work in fire and emergency
related sectors.

This guideline sets out the purpose, aims, process and details relevant for you to assess if this
Scholarship is appropriate to your goals, aspirations and objectives.



The purpose of the Scholarship is to:

  • Fulfil the aims and objectives of the Institute's

  • Advance knowledge and understanding of fire and emergency

  • Be of benefit to all those working in the fire and emergency sector

  • Allow for the personal growth and development of the recipient

The Scholarship provides the opportunity for the recipient to travel and study. This study could
include courses recognised at a university or training establishment, or a secondment at an
overseas fire and emergency service to gain first hand experience of an initiative that is unique
or a project that might well be applicable in New Zealand.

The Scholarship allows research on a topic that will:

  • Benefit the personal development of the recipient; and

  • Provide insights that might lead to the development of new policy and practice



The Scholarship aims:

  • To promote and exemplify the standards​

    • of service and dedication to our communities

    • personal commitment to learning and the sharing of knowledge

    • to promote enquiry and the advancement of knowledge that lead to better outcomes

  • Benefit the personal development of the recipient by

    • ​providing the opportunity to undertake studies

    • gaining insights and first hand experience from other fire and emergency services

    • publishing research outcomes

    • encouraging and developing leadership through the sharing of knowledge and
      insights gained


Term of opportunity

The Scholarship is for a period of one month, but may be extended with the approval of the New
Zealand Fire Brigades' Institute Council.



All members of brigades and fire forces affiliated to the UFBA, financial and Life Members are
eligible to apply for the Scholarship. Members must be able to demonstrate the ability to
contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice of those working in fire and
emergency services, and which reflects service to the community, excellence in practice and
personnel commitment.


The Scholarship will be advertised in the Institute's website and by other electronic means at least once a year.


The successful applicant will be announced by those same means.

Included with the advertisement will be the guidelines of application and associated forms.


The Scholarship has a budget of up to $10,000. Applicants must ensure that their total budget
for their study or research, including all travel and expenses is within this limit.


Actual expenditure deemed to be substantially in excess of approved funding will not
automatically be accommodated, however, reasonable variances, such as fluctuating exchange
rates, will.


Selection Committee

The selection of the successful recipient will be made by the New Zealand Fire Brigades' Institute
Council. If, in the opinion of the Council, none of the applications received demonstrates the
required outcomes, the Council reserves the right not to award the Scholarship. This decision will
be at it's sole discretion.


Application process

Applications for the Scholarship will be called annually. This will generally be called for at a time suitable to allow the recipient the ability to apply their Scholarship funding within the ensuing
financial year. The call for applications will detail the process.


The closing date for applications will generally be one month from the date of promotion. This
time should allow applicants sufficient time to develop their applications. Applicants will also be asked to provide supporting material for their proposal.


All applications must be submitted on the approved form and include:

  • Scholarship endorsement form

  • A letter of support from your proposed Course Director

  • Other relevant letters from those who will be involved with your study or research

  • Your proposed itinerary

  • A quote from a travel agent for all travel

  • A quote for accommodation

  • A breakdown of all other associated costs

  • A copy of your current CV

  • A course prospectus (as appropriate)


All applications must be forwarded to the Secretary by the advertised closing date. Late
applications will not be accepted unless approved by the NZFBI Council.

Application assessment

The NZFBI Council will consider all applications on merit. Financial assistance will be provided at
the sole discretion of the Council, giving due consideration to the purpose of the Scholarship
and its aims.

Applications will be assessed against a set of criteria to identify those that are most likely to
succeed in meeting the overall aims, purpose and outcomes of the Scholarship.

The proposed course of study or research must contribute to advances in knowledge and/or
practice and be:

  • Relevant to the overall objectives of the Institute

  • In alignment with the aims and objectives of the scholarship

  • Important to the personal development of the applicant.

The Council will also consider whether the proposal:

  • Contains a clear implementation strategy for the outcomes that may arise from the research or study

  • Is clear and achievable

  • Contributes to advances in knowledge and/or practice

  • Is ethical

  • Is innovative

  • Is described in sufficient detail

  • Is appropriate to the applicant's qualifications and experience

  • Is likely to produce successful outcomes, and

  • Represents value for money.

Once all application have been reviewed, applicants will be notified of the outcome in writing by


The selection will generally be completed within one month of the application closing date. The
awarding of the Scholarship will be announced on the website and by other electronic media.


The details that will be published will include:

  • The recipients name and location

  • The research or study being undertaken

  • The benefit this will generate in terms of advancing knowledge and/or practice

  • How the opportunity will assist the recipients professional development, and

  • A statement around the criteria for selection

Requirements and obligations of the recipient

The recipient will be required to:

  • Liaise with the Secretary for support and guidance throughout the Scholarship process

  • Uplift the Scholarship according to the timelines stated in their applications

  • Supply a written report to the Council within XX Months of their return. The report should:

    • Describe the outcomes or finding of the research or study

    • Provide a set of recommendations resulting from the study or research

    • List details of contacts and reference material

    • Suggest potential areas for future research or study

  • Make a 20 minute presentation that summarises their report to the Council, and to also present their findings at the annual conference and satisfy the requirement of any sponsor, and 

  • Advise the Secretary of any circumstance that would alter the terms of the Scholarship.

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