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About the NZ Fire Brigades Institute

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Providing continuing education to fire and emergency personnel so as to encourage the advancement of knowledge and skills relevant in fire and emergency operations.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Field Day Programme

  • Technical Qualifications

  • Education & Advice

  • Scholarships

We aim to deliver on:

  • Field Day Programme:

    • Continue education pathway for members​

    • Located nationally, 3+ per year

    • Effective communications with stakeholders

    • Attract and retain fire fighters with growth of attendance

  • Technical Qualifications

    • Award diplomas and special merit awards​

    • Continue administration and oversee examinations

    • Promote to members and stakeholders

    • Partner with a tertiary organisation for bridging or "part degree"

  • Education & Advice

    • Creation of publications​

    • Explore other opportunities to share learnings / expertise

    • Engage stakeholders via two way communications

    • Promote via social media platforms

  • Scholarships

    • Stay up-to-date with evolving technology and methodology​

    • Aim to make findings engaging and accessible

    • Research shared widely and stakeholders see value in findings.

We champion our areas of focus as a key benefit for members.


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