About the NZ Fire Brigades Institute



Providing continuing education to fire and emergency personnel so as to encourage the advancement of knowledge and skills relevant in fire and emergency operations.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Field Day Programme

  • Technical Qualifications

  • Education & Advice

  • Scholarships

We aim to deliver on:

  • Field Day Programme:

    • Continue education pathway for members​

    • Located nationally, 3+ per year

    • Effective communications with stakeholders

    • Attract and retain fire fighters with growth of attendance

  • Technical Qualifications

    • Award diplomas and special merit awards​

    • Continue administration and oversee examinations

    • Promote to members and stakeholders

    • Partner with a tertiary organisation for bridging or "part degree"

  • Education & Advice

    • Creation of publications​

    • Explore other opportunities to share learnings / expertise

    • Engage stakeholders via two way communications

    • Promote via social media platforms

  • Scholarships

    • Stay up-to-date with evolving technology and methodology​

    • Aim to make findings engaging and accessible

    • Research shared widely and stakeholders see value in findings.

We champion our areas of focus as a key benefit for members.


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