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Scholarship Presentation Guidelines

Making a successful presentation for your research findings or course of study

  • You have 20 minutes to make your presentation

  • Please ensure you have set aside 5 minutes to receive and answer questions

  • Remember to practice your presentation to ensure you can stay within the set time frame

  • Ensure that your presentation is constructive and places a focus on knowledge that can be shared and that will benefit others, and how practice might be developed or improved.


Suggested format

  • Introduce yourself

  • Outline why you were awarded scholarship and the purpose of your research

  • What you did during the period of the scholarship

  • Outline the findings and benefits of your research/study an d how you would like to see these implemented in the future

  • Questions and answers

Your PowerPoint presentation

  • You must use a New Zealand Fire Brigades' Institute template. This is available from the Secretary

  • Although you may need to amend to the template to suit your content, please adhere to the template's style.

  • Less is best when it comes to words. Use your presentation to prompt you as to what to say

  • An electronic copy of your presentation must be forwarded to the Secretary at least seven days prior t o your presentation.

For more information

Please contact the Secretary:

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