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How to become a

NZFBI Councillor

Pursuant to Section 9 of the NZFBI Rules, any vacant positions on the NZFBI Council will be advertised by the Secretary at the time of a position being made vacant.  The advertisement will be placed in a variety of mediums to ensure nominations can be received by members.

Nominations can be provided on the prescribed form (see below) and are to be received by the President of the NZFBI no less than one month prior to the Annual General Meeting at which the vacancy is to be filled.

All nominations must have the written consent of the nominee (of whom must hold the Membership or higher qualification) and the nomination must be accompanied by a short resume, so as to provide a means of considering candidates for the vacancy. 


When more applications are received than there are advertised vacancies, voting shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting following nominations being called.

The NZFBI Council also may co-opt members to the NZFBI Council from time to time to support their activities as may be required.

Vacancy on the NZFBI Council

Nominations are now being sought for one vacancy on the NZFBI Council. 

Nomination form for NZFBI Council Member

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