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Fun Quizzes

We have created a series of fun quizzes to test your general knowledge of fire fighting, Fire and Emergency NZ and a few other fire related questions! 

Have a go! 

Fun Quiz 1

Fun Quiz 2

Fun Quiz 3

Fun Quiz 4

Fun Quiz 5

Fun Quiz 6

Communication Centre Quiz

Fire Permit Quiz

IFE Quizzes

These quizzes have been provided to aid candidates in their preparation for the IFE Level 2 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations and Safety examination. The document is in two parts:

Part 1: A selection of IFE sample questions mapped to the syllabus.

Fire Engineering Science
Fire Operations

Fire Safety

Part 2: A copy of the front cover of the examination paper and a sample section of the answer sheet, enabling candidates to familiarise themselves with the instructions for responding to the examination paper.


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