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OSM Quizzes

Operational Instructions (OI's)


We have a number of OSM quizzes available to test your knowledge:

OI (E3-2) - Breathing Apparatus (C)
OI (F2) - Fire Suppression Systems
OI (G1-2) - Private Fire Alarms
OI (G2-1) - Emergency Medical Support
OI (G6) - Ventilation
OI (G7) - Decontamination
OI (G9) - Salvage
OI (H1-H6) - Hazardous Materials
OI (H5) - Bulk Flammable Liquids
OI (H6-1) - Bulk Flammable Gases
OI (H6-2) - Portable gas cylinders and pressurised vessels
OI (H7-1) - Clandestine Labs
OI (IS1) - Operational Safety (C)
OI (IS3) - Working Near Roadways (C)
OI (IS4) - Working Near Electrical Hazards (C) 
OI (IS5) - Working during Adverse Natural Events
OI (IS9) - Civil Disturbances
OI (M1) - Command & Control
OI (M1-1) News Media at Incidents
OI (M2-1) - Task Force
OI (P3) - Fire Investigation & Reporting
OI (R2) - Lifts & Escalators
OI (S1) - Multi-Storied buildings
OI (R1) - Vehicle Accidents
OI (S2) - Vegetation Fires
OI (S5) - Hospitals & Rest Homes
OI (S7) - Aircraft Incidents

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